December 2011, Volume 1, Issue 2

DECEMBER 2011, Volume 1, Issue 2

Happy December, everyone!  Here’s this month’s collection of interesting, intriguing, and fun links.  Please feel free to send me anything interesting you would like me to include, and  to share this with friends and colleagues.  Please send suggestions, comments, links, or subscription requests to:

My favorite link this month is to Dr. Goldacre’s TED Talk.  As someone who tries to bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and Complementary-Alternative Therapies, combining the best of both worlds when I can, I found his talk both entertaining and sobering.  The reality check of realizing that capital-S Science can be abused to further the ends of any cause – whether it’s alternative medical quackery, or it’s the promotion of dangerous or useless drugs – the end result is the same – people are not getting the best care, and are suffering unnecessarily.  Fortunately, the solution is within our power – choosing to use our critical thinking!

Have a great month!


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