March 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3

Happy March, everyone!  

My favorite link this month is a great article on the art of mindful eating and how to start your own practice.  Mindless eating is, unfortunately, all-too common in our fast-paced culture, and can lead to poor food choices.  I have tried the mindful eating “raisin” exercise, mentioned in the article, in a mind-body skills group once, but using Doritos instead of raisins.  I was shocked at how truly disgusting – chemical, fake, overpowering – the flavors were…flavors I thought I enjoyed when I consumed them at a much faster pace.  Perhaps we would all eat less processed food if we REALLY tasted it? 

I also highly recommend the book referenced in the article – “Mindless Eating” ( by Dr. Brian Wansink.  It reviews the various unconscious triggers that lead us to eat more than we need – and how we can manage them to make better choices, automatically. 

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Chanel Helgason, MD

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