April 2014, Volume 4, Issue 4

Happy April, SynerLINK Friends,

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming “Master Time in the Real World” group, which starts this Thursday, April 3rd.  I’m also offering a $50 off last-minute discount for you as a valued SynerLINK community member, using the discount code SYNERLINK14.  Feel free to share this code with friends or family who might enjoy the group.  Bringing a friend is a great way to build extra support and accountability into the program – and to make your changes stick!

This month’s lead article is about a counter-intuitive piece of research supporting, of all things, making the choice to work through lunch.  Now, working through lunch or not taking enough breaks through the day isn’t something I normally recommend.  However, I think this research highlights a key principle for successfully achieving life balance that is a cornerstone of the 7 Foundations program – that everyone’s choices will be different and the “ideal” will look different for each individual.  While it helps to really look carefully at your reasons to work or rest in any given moment, once you’ve done that self reflection, it’s enough to consciously make your choices, and then embrace them.

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Best wishes for your health and happiness,
Chanel Helgason, MD

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