March 2017, Volume 6, Issue 3

Happy March, SynerLINK Community Members,

I am thrilled to announce that my recent paper, “Videoconference mind-body group therapy in a public mental health setting: A pilot study”, written with my colleagues Drs. Jerome Sarris and Werner Abenger, has been published in the Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science. It’s not free online, but if you have access to a medical library, or would like to request a copy from me, you might enjoy checking it out. The bottom line: The participants loved it, the facilitator loved it, and people reported positive changes in their relationships and quality of life. Not bad for a pilot study!

Also, for those who weren’t able to make it to my Functional Forum talk live, our second link this month is to the recording. The whole video is great, and you should absolutely watch it all. If you’d like to see my Future of Functional in Five talk about women’s mental health and telemedicine, check out 46:40-53:13, and if you’d like to hear my discussion of group psychotherapy via telemedicine, check out 1:32:15-1:35:05. There was also a shout-out to NayaCare and my colleague Sonal Patel at 51:10, as well as a mention of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine at 1:33:20. Thanks again to James Maskell and the Functional Forum team for making this happen and building a great community!

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