December 2017, Volume 6, Issue 12

Happy December, SynerLINK Friends,

This month’s holiday gift is some great news for the functional and integrative psychiatry community. The latest published research is backing up Dr. Walsh’s work in micronutrients as safe, powerful treatments for mental illnesses. This is a pilot study, but the initial results show good effects for aggression and violence, with far fewer side effects than normally caused by pharmaceuticals. Read the full-text below.

This month’s other links include several fascinating new developments and important discussions in mental health treatment – enjoy!

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Link of the Month:

Preventing Alzheimer’s with simple dietary changes that can affect many other symptoms and diseases, too!

While helpful for many, as a population, the gains made by psychiatric medications have stalled.

Great news – supplements, especially fish oil, may increase the effectiveness of conventional meds!

A really interesting study on predictors of suicide, with an important findings for anyone who regularly evaluates clients for safety.
The gut-mind connection is real! 🙂

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