March 2015, Volume 5, Issue 3

Happy March, SynerLINK friends,

We have exciting news here at SynerGenius this month!  I’m so proud to be one of the first 121 physicians in the world certified by the American Board of Integrative Medicine. ABPS is one of the two governing boards that certify all medical specialties and I am pleased by their recognition of IM as a legitimate and important medical specialty. So, our article of the month is trio of articles that explain what this development means for the future of health care.

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Chanel Helgason, MD

“Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.”
Dr. Laura



Links of the Month:

Yes!  You are awesome!

Are you brave enough to be real with your patients?

An insightful look into why some doctors don’t take insurance.

Fearlessly honest look at body image.  Adult language but too powerful not to share.

Excellent overview of the problematic relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  This is why I don’t talk to drug reps or attend their events.  Apologies for the off-color humor at times.

A great overview of the sad state of maternity leavein America and how it harms working women.

Interesting and important article about the interaction between your mind and your gut:

Fish oil – it’s good for you! 🙂

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