November 2017, Volume 6, Issue 11

Happy November, SynerLINK Friends,

This month’s top link is to the video recording of my talk at the Mental Health Coalition of Verde Valley’s 2017 Mental Health Summit: “Innovation, Technology & the Future of Mental Health Therapy”. I was honored to share the stage with such luminaries as Dr. Leslie Korn. I hope you enjoy it!

I would also like to spend some time this month on Foundation 2 – Movement. One of my own tried-and-true tricks for the holidays is to start a new exercise resolution just before Thanksgiving. That way, my maximum motivation and willpower, which is highest early in a behavior change, overlaps with the hardest times for nutrition, with holidays, travel, and family events. This allows me to maintain a healthy weight over the holidays, and get a jump start on the New Year!

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Best wishes for your health and happiness,
Chanel Heermann, MD


“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”
― Erol Ozan



Link of the Month:

This is a great new study showing that even a modest amount of exercise – one hour a week, at any intensity – has is potentially powerful prevention for depression.

Physical activity is also powerful prevention for Alzheimer’s.

This is a nice piece summarizing the impact of exercise on anxiety – including evidence showing that, for some people, the effects are equivalent to medication. Also includes some nice tips on cold-weather exercise!

Finally, this article has some great, practical tips to help busy moms to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.


Don’t let this be you! LOL

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